Get healthier for the Summer season

Unlock your full potential with the Beach Body Transformation program by The I/O. 

We are launching a 6 weeks body transformation package open to members and non-members. You will get in a better shape for the Summer season, learning how to train and eat properly and of course have fun on the journey!

You will enjoy this experience with our team of Personal Trainers, personalized workouts, nutritional advise and community activities together with a small group of other The I/O members participating in this challenge.

6 weeks / 30 workouts

Starting of the 1st of May and until the 9th of June, we have created a program for those who want to be healthier, push their physical limits and achieve a fitness goal ready for the Summer time.

The challenge is organised around weekly workout sessions, hand-picked group classes and weekly recovery walks.

Once you choose your workout group day, the PTs will work with your training sessions in group to develop plans that are tailored to your specific needs and goals. With regular check-ins and progress tracking, you will stay motivated and focused throughout the entire program, and emerge feeling stronger, healthier, and more confident than ever before. Each session builds upon each other with progressive difficulty, each one being a step towards your goal.

Physical results start from inside, this is why nutrition plays such an important role in this challenge and you will given an adapted nutrition plan.

Non-members are invited to join to this challenge too. As a non-member, you will get all the same benefits plus full access to the club for the duration of the challenge.

What is included?

Welcome pack

In-Body Scan before/after

Lifestyle consultation

Nutritional plan

6 × small group PT sessions

After photoshoot

Active recovery walk on Wednesday + coffee time


For THE I/O members 290€.

Non-members price 430€.

As a non-member, you will get all the same benefits plus full access to the club for the duration of the challenge.

Get your early access spot booking at the Front Desk until the 30th of Apil.

Choose the group that works better for you

Make sure that you can commit to the weekday and time selected as you will be part of that group until the end of the challenge.


  • Monday  12:05 am
  • Tuesday  8:05 am
  • Thursday  12:05 am
  • Friday  11:05 am

Do you want to join?

Book your spot in reception or in the link below

*Limited spots